Invocation: “FIFTY is Nifty”

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I.M. Lithic is otherwise known as Paul A. Harris

Hip yip whizzy! I’m in this tizzy!
This lit crit imprint is frickin’ fifty!
Fifty birth cyclings—I’m spinning dizzy!
FIFTY—is this right? It’s tight! It’s nifty!

This distinct imprint is inscribing
its bright, vivid stylistics;
Its slicing writing isn’t vibing
simplistic nihilistics.
Its inspiring ink is instilling
thrilling flights in minds willing.

This imprint’s distinct criticism
isn’t limiting in its disciplining;
by birthright it’s bridging
rifting schisms in -isms.
It isn’t dignifying vilifying,
it isn’t nitpicking, pissy, ni dissing;
it’s shining light in twinkling prisms.

I’m high-fiving this wingding!
I’m lifting fizzy spirits, drinking this in!
FIFTY’s this thing I’m riffing;
It’s this spliff I’m sniffing.

This distinct lit crit imprint
isn’t mimicking ‘in’ things,
isn’t gimmicking slick tricks.
It isn’t sticky with insipid kitsch;
it’s minting first citings,
glinting with birth-writings.

This imprint isn’t stifling, it isn’t middling.
It isn’t brimming with dim witticism
trifling in piddling minds;
It’s striking lightning criticisms,
signifyin’ in riddling signs.

This distinct lit crit imprint
isn’t skimming lyrics;
It isn’t filling with drifting thinking
dwindling in twilight;
It’s thrilling with sifting signs
kindling blinding insights.

This imprint is digging trippy lithic thinking;
It’s inspiring spirits thriving in divining
mystic gifts in infinity’s vicinity.
It prints Mitry’s film criticism,
It links with Trinh T. Minh’s digitizing 4th Dim,
Clicks with Lingis’s phil, Wittig’s lit.

FIFTY is this chic stitching I’m stringing;
It’s this glitzy bling I’m flinging.
I’m this whirlwind winging it,
I’m Bird swinging it,
I’m this whirligig circling high,
Singing “FIFTY is Nifty” in mighty cry—
Still fitting it within inhibiting, limiting signs.

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