SubStance is now published by Johns Hopkins University Press. It is a major interdisciplinary journal with a reputation for excellence, known for fostering new forms of thinking about literature and promoting a dialogue between contemporary theory and a multifaceted outside.

We proudly introduce a digital platform of the publication. Consistent with the journal’s modus operandi, it features hybrid work that generates challenging conceptual frameworks, work that represents something more than a style, or, rather, truly a style: a creative way to address and express ideas or concepts, to push literary thought and thought about literature into new territories.

Journal Supplements
Intermedial content supplemental to specific issues of SubStance.
A series of born-digital works of experimental theory.


S U B S T A N C E 159
Life Writing and Cognition
Guest editor : Lisa Zunshine

S U B S T A N C E 158
Vol. 51, No. 2, 2022

S U B S T A N C E 157
Edited by Thangam Ravindranathan


S U B S T A N C E 156
Ecocriticism and Narrative Form
Guest edited by Liza B. Bauer, Cord-Christian Casper, Hannah Klaubert, & Anna Sophia Tabouratzidis

S U B S T A N C E 155
Reading After Blanchot
Guest Edited by Paul Zakir

S U B S T A N C E 154
The Postlingual Turn 
Guest Edited by yasser elhariry & Rebecca L. Walkowitz

S U B S T A N C E 153
Chthonic Experience, Proust, Franju,
Pasolini, Gaia Politics

S U B S T A N C E 152
Listening to Sound Studies
Edited by David Bell & Éric Méchoulan

S U B S T A N C E 151
Poesis, Houellebeck, Hegel,
Pinter, Pessimism…

S U B S T A N C E 150
Hommages to Michel Serres, Nonhuman Transformations, The Red Years and more…

S U B S T A N C E 149
On Jane Benett, Derrida, Serres, Benjamin, Jacques Jouet, Spinoza, Vegetal Transformation

S U B S T A N C E 148
Stream of Consciousness, Lévinas, Rancière, Clones, Monsters and more…

S U B S T A N C E 147
Dismantling the Man-Machine
Edited by Pierre Cassou-Noguès
Supplements to the Issue

S U B S T A N C E 146
Rock Records
Guest Editors: Paul A. Harris,
Richard Turner, & A.J. Nocek
Supplements to the issue

S U B S T A N C E 145
Isabelle Stengers and the Dramatization of Philosophy
Guest Editor: Martin Savransky

S U B S T A N C E 144
Articles on asceticism, Proust, monotony,
Whitehead, and more…

S U B S T A N C E 143
Rebel Lines: Comics and the Anarchist Imagination
Guest Editors: Frederik Byrn Køhlert & Ole Birk Laursen

S U B S T A N C E 142
Assemblages: (Pre)Political, Ethical and Ontological Perspectives
Guest Editors: Razvan Amironesei & Jon Bialecki

S U B S T A N C E 141
Cinematic Thinking: Film and/as Ethics
Guest Editors: Robert Sinnerbrink & LIsa Trahair

S U B S T A N C E 140
Neuroscience and Fiction
Editor: Pierre Cassou-Noguès

S U B S T A N C E 139
Looking Outside: an Eclectic issue

S U B S T A N C E 138
Editor: Eric Méchoulan

S U B S T A N C E 137
Translation Matters
Guest Editors: André Habib & Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt

S U B S T A N C E 136
David Mitchell in the Labyrinth of Time
Editor: Paul A. Harris
Introduction: David Mitchell in the Labyrinth of Time
Paul A. Harris
David Mitchell in the Laboratory of Time: An Interview with the Author
Paul A. Harris

S U B S T A N C E 135
The Archimedean Point in Modernity
Guest Editors: Jocelyn Holland & Edgar Landgraf

S U B S T A N C E 134
Fabled thought: On Jacques Derrida’s The Beast & the Sovereign
Guest Editors: Matthew Chrulew & Chris Danta

S U B S T A N C E 133
French Cinema and the Crises of Globalization
Guest Editors: Nathalie Rachlin & Rosemarie Scullion

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