Deleuze’s Cinematic Universe of Light: A Cosmic Plane of Luminance


Over the past several years, I have been rereading and writing about Deleuze in the context of developing a concept and practice I have christened “itinerant spirituality.” Itinerant spirituality is nomadic and contingent—it does not happen in any specific kind of space, and depends to a large extent on circumstance and spontaneity. Itinerant spirituality could be termed an “outsider spirituality,” in the sense of outsider art, in that it does not partake of any particular spiritual—let alone religious—tradition, and is created idiosyncratically by a person according to methods they develop as they go. The term “itinerant spirituality” conjures a practice dependent on and embedded in itineraries, in the sense of both the route of the journey and the written record of the journey. Itinerant spirituality thus encompasses both sojourns that culminate in singular experiences of a spiritual nature, and the thinking/writing that these experiences stimulate.

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